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Quest-tours online for children and adults are your 90-minute exciting journey full of adventures. Each course introduces you to various historical epochs, cities, countries while encouraging teamwork, logical thinking, and argumentation skills.

Online quests include studying noteworthy places, conducting investigations, solving riddles, deciphering clues, and finding out more about history, culture, area studies, legends, and myths.

Choose your quest and your preferred language level (English or Russian), contact us, and start your journey through time and space without any obstacles!

Do you have your own topic in mind? Book a customized quest.

Quests authors and hosts are area studies specialists, guides, questologists.

Popular themes
Choose you adventure!
We also create customized quests.
  • Moscow mysteries:
    Treasure hunter's diary
    We found the diary of an old archeologist. It seems that not all treasures in Moscow have been found! Let's try our luck and explore the center of Moscow.
  • The Russian Hanse. Ancient cities
    A series of adventures in ancient cities: we follow the footsteps of Russian pirates, trade with European merchants, investigate cases, and deep dive into history. Find out the facts that you never knew!
  • Eurodetective. The secrets of European capitals.
    Helping our old friend Sherlock Holmes, we visit and explore famous European cities looking for answers to detective mysteries and employing loical thinking.
  • The history of diplomacy. Negotiate!
    These online-quests lead us to differents countries and epochs, where we try on the role of diplomats. We learn to negotiate and make arguments on an international level.
  • The history of entrepreneurship in Russia.
    Each quest on this course is dedicated to a certain time period and special skills you need to fulfill your business mission in various historical circumstances.
  • Creating customized quests.
    It is possible to comission your own quest or quest-course for any city and any country in Russian or English. Customized quest-scenarios for tourism, education, business and events.
Онлайн квест "Пираты 13 века. Русская Ганза".
Онлайн квест "История дипломатии. Древняя Греция".
Онлайн квест "Тайны старой Москвы. Дневник кладоискателя".
Онлайн квест "Парижский детектив. Cherchez la femme".
Our quests are prize-winners
at "The Routes of Russia" Awards 2019 and 2020.
Quests-scenarios we create for both offline and online activities get well-deserved rewards two years in a row. One of the award-winning quests is included in our quest course The Russian Hanse.
How to quest
Choose your theme
First, you choose a topic (for example, Russian history) and a plot (for example, treasure hunting) you prefer. No profound knowledge of the theme is required.
Meet online
Book your date, time and quest. We meet online via Zoom from any place in the world that has good Internet connection.
The presenter acquaints you with the storyline and quest details. You become one of the main characters who explore the place to complete the task and get to know history and culture on your way. The guide helps you with explanations of the historical setting and shares interesting details about the city/country/events. During the quest, you discuss possible routes, solve logical tasks, land-navigate and brainstorm.
What we see
All pictures and clues are included in the presentation, so you can see everything in your Zoom. Google maps and Google Earth can be used, too.
How long
A quest lasts 60 minutes for primary students and 90 minutes for teenagers and adults. We have 5-10 tasks which include sightseeing, history of places/objects/people, finding interesting details and brain training:).
A quest is completed when you achieve your objective. After brainstorming, discussion, and online traveling we not only study areas but also make sure the information stays in our memory for good! And have fun, which is no less important:).
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