The mysteries of old Moscow

treasure hunter's diary

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Recently, we have discovered the missing diary of a treasure hunter from the past. There were only a few pages left in the diary, and they hint at a treasure hidden somewhere in Moscow.

The treasure hunter's notes and the pictures he left can help us find the treasure. To do this, we have to go on a virtual trip around the capital, plunge into its distant past, learn about present days, and meet interesting people. We will also train logical thinking, memory, ingenuity, and land navigation.

During this course of 4 online quests, we explore the center of Moscow and visit two estates, one of which is now abandoned. We will never forget this experience!

Our plans:
- an adventure quest;
- history of Moscow;
- interesting people;
- events and legends of past years;
- ciphered messages;
- land navigation;
- nature and architecture;
- solving the secret of the treasure hunter.

See you on the quest!
Онлайн квест "Тайны старой Москвы. Дневник кладоискателя".
Отзывы о новогоднем квесте. Бал-маскарад и история усадьбы Кусково.
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