Exploring ancient cities

the russian Hanse

You might have heard about the world's first European Union - the Hanseatic League.
But what is the Russian Hanse?

We will find it out during educational adventure quests online about Russian trading towns and cities, economic contacts of Russia and Europe, and traditional crafts. Quests are held in an interactive format: we communicate with each other, take part in discussions, work in a team and investigate cases of the past. As a result, we learn interesting facts and legends of Russian cities, get acquainted with their international standing, understand how they were connected with other countries, and see the background of historical events.

During the first quest of this course, we follow in the footsteps of... Russian pirates.
In an ancient city, we found a message in a bottle. Apparently, medieval pirates had some serious business related to the trade of Russia and Europe. We have to decipher pirate notes, find buried goods, and travel to uncover the secret of several cities.

Good luck!
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