Online quests

From any place -
to any place in the world!

An opportunity to explore cities and countries, finding hidden corners and unraveling the mysteries of the past is a great thing.

How often do we do it? Once a week? Once a month? Once a year?

Good news: we can travel every day. Even while staying at home.

Live quests online for children and adults are adventures for your mind and soul, historical and cultural investigations.

During online quests we explore cities and countires together, unlock secrets, solve puzzles, decipher clues and learn more about history, culture, people, and legends.

Choose your theme (or order a customized one) and travel in time and space!

Online quests are hosted in Zoom for the best interaction and moderated by guides, area-studies specialists and questologists.
Where we quest
Choose your adventure!
We also create customized quests.
Moscow mysteries:
Treasure hunter's diary
We found the diary of an old archeologist. It seems that not all treasures in Moscow have been found! Let's try our luck and explore the center of Moscow. What are we going to discover?
Treasure hunter's diary:
Where the unicorn lead
Another historical investigation based on the treasure hunter's diary. Deep diving further, we discover new details about Moscow: secrets, mysteries and events of the past. Continuation of our mission!
the manor of the nobility
A letter has been found in the manor of the 18th century. Kuskovo is a luxurious estate of the reachest noblemen: the Sheremetevs. Is it possible to find the heritage dating back to the Golden Age?
Looking for silver:
the White City
Out journey starts in the center of Moscow. However, we do not know where we are going to end up! During the investigation we will explore the Kitay-gorod, the White City and maybe some other places...
The border:
The Boyar of the Knyaz
Imagine travelling back in time to the 14th century - and becoming a boyar, a nobleman and an advisor of a certain Russian knyaz. Time to demonstrate your strategic thinking!
Exploring Europe:
historical cities
A detective story leads us to different European cities. Looking for clues, we visit various places and learn their history, key events, cultural highlights. One quest-story - one city.
Russian epic:
heroic bylinas
Our time machine transports us to bygone times. We are going to find a steel-sword, fight foes and magical beasts, save people and protect the country. The quest is based on Russian epic ballads.
A knight's quest:
Holy Grail
Time-travel to medieval Europe: kings and knights, wanderings and adventures... Dive into the world of legends and become acquainted with the quests from Middle Ages, main plots and storylines!
Indian quest:
Maharajah's treasure
An Indian maharajah had to flee the country, leaving behind not only his family treasures, but also maps and clues for us! A local citizen helps us to explore the country and find a mysterious treasure chest.
Indian quest:
for juniors
Primary students also want to travel the world and explore exotic countires! We invite children to take part in the treasure-hunting quest together with Parvati, our local expert in India.
Indian quest:
Asian mythology
We challenge you to explore the most mysterious exotic places which are connected to mythological events from 5000 years ago. Become the hero of the Indian epic and discover the country full of wonders!
Ancient history:
looking for the artifact
Archeologists informed us about an ancient artifact that can change the destiny of the world. To prevent a disaster we have to find the artifact and place it back where it belongs. Let's research the ancient world!
How to quest
Choose your theme
First, you choose a topic (for example, Russian history) and a plot (for example, treasure hunting) you prefer. No profound knowledge of the theme is required.
Meet online
Book your date, time and quest. We meet online via Zoom from any place in the world that has good Internet connection.
The guide acquaints you with the storyline and quest details. You become one of the main characters who explore the place in order to complete the task and get to know history and culture on your way. The guide helps you with explanations of historical setting and shares interesting details about the city/country/events. During the quest you discuss possible routes, solve logical tasks, land-navigate and brainstorm.
What we see
All pictures and clues are in the presentation, so you can see everything crearly in your Zoom. Google maps and Google Earth can be used, too.
How long
A quest lasts 45 minutes for primary students and 60 minutes for teenagers and adults. We have 5-10 tasks which include sightseeing, history of places/objects/people, finding interesting details and brain training:).
A quest is completed when we achieve our objective. After brainstorming, discussion and online traveling we not only study areas, but also make sure the information stays in our memory fo good! And have fun, which is no less important:).
Any way convenient for you
Phone, WhatsApp:
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