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diplomatic history

Diplomacy is a subtle art, and the diplomatic process is a real quest. You can reach your goal employing intelligence, knowledge, logic, communication skills. And, most importantly, your intention to negotiate.

The word "diplomacy" is of Greek origin. The course begins with the history of diplomacy in Ancient Greece, followed by Ancient Rome, barbarians, Byzantium, Russia, while you are travelling through countries and eras, getting to know personalities and events. Throughout the journey, you assume the role of a diplomat.

Do you need to come to an agreement with belligerent neighbors? Avoid a military conflict? Get favorable conditions? All of these can be achieved if you understand the principles of diplomacy.

Moreover, you learn the meaning of modern frequently used words, see the work of ambassadors and the conclusion of agreements, visit peace conferences. Most importantly, you become the main hero of historical events.

We invite you to a series of online quests on diplomatic history.

- Diplomacy of Ancient Greece;

- Diplomacy of Ancient Rome;

- Rome vs barbarians;

- Byzantine Empire;

- Ancient Russia;

- Feudal fragmentation in Russia.

We adapt the content, duration, and difficulty of the quests to the age and needs of your group.
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