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Adventures in Russia and all over the world!

The stories of adventure become reality!

I created quests for travel- and event agencies, tour organizers, cultural institutions and travelers. You can find some of them in this page.

You can also take part in adventures organized by my colleagues and partners, questologists from various cities and countries.

Quests as the form of edutainment keep growing in popularity. Some time ago quest-tours were still novelty, but now you can join them in different Russian and European cities... and even further, in India!

In 2019 I created a quest for Tobolsk (a city in Siberia) and submitted it for the prize in "The Routes of Russia". The quest took the first place in the nomination "Adventure Route", which is another insight about the development of tourism in the modern world.

Choose a location and a story - and start your adventure!
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  • India
    The ancient prophesy is gaining strength! Smart and brave adventurers have to neutralize the curse of demon Ravana.
  • Vyborg - Kronshtadt- Strelna- St.Petersburg
    A family quest-tour "The Great Northern Expedition of Bering", 2 days/1 night.
  • Quests from the guides of the world
    The students of our workshop "Questology" create quest-tours in European cities.
  • Slovenia
    Quests created by a real criminal investigator in a small but very beautiful central european country.
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