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Unique online quests dedicated to the development of entrepreneurship in Russia.

We start far back in the past when there was no Russia yet. But there were entrepreneurs!
Step by step, era after era, we develop our skills and discover new opportunities.

Each quest of this course is dedicated to a certain historical period and experiences you need to participate in negotiations and complete your tasks in a given period of time. Quest participants become entrepreneurs, traveling in a time machine to different parts of Russia, getting to know key market players, international and domestic trade, rules, and principles.

You also have your mission. To fulfill it, you have to perform team and individual tasks.

Your negotiations take place against a historical background. Our ancestors built their businesses in difficult conditions. Can we do it? It all depends on you and your desire to plunge into the atmosphere of the era come to a win-win agreement with each other.

Step by step, we reach a final quest - modern era - fully trained and ready for new challenges.
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